UAA | United Arts Arena

The United Arts Arena (UAA) is the world's first art sports league for NFT Live Art Battle, giving artists a real-world environment in the digital universe to grow. At the heart of UAA is the Mixed Reality Arena, a digital space where creatives from around the world can write their own heroic stories - or just have a lot of fun. The creative energy is already there as soon as the artists enter the arena. They compete against each other in individual or team battles. A battle lasts 30 minutes and the winner is the one who achieves the most points. The points are awarded by voting in the audience, by a juror and by winning the NFT auction live on picipo.com. The tournament mode will be used. Through the group phase the first two teams of each group will reach the knockout rounds. From the quarterfinals it goes over the semifinals to the finals. All battles will be broadcast live. In this way, heroic stories are written that allow us to grow together - because that is our inner drive. We want to give talents a stage for their creative energy, to network them, because we believe in the power of community, so we can grow together and create economic prospects, while gaining access to the art world and making a social impact.